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Probiotics after antibiotic treatment


Probiotics after antibiotic treatment

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The human microbiome is known to host trillions of bacteria and other microbes which are beneficial to human health.  Therefore it very important after a course of antibiotics to replenish these bacteria with a high potency, broad spectrum blend of commensal probiotics.  Although the minimum effective dose is still to be determined, experts recommend between 500 million and 1 billion CFU/per day in order to replenish a balanced gut microflora community.

The duration of supplementation of probiotics post antibiotic treatment depends on the quality of probiotic used, the duration of treatment and the overall health of the individual’s gastrointestinal tract.  However, recent research has shown that supplementation of between 14 to 28 days can have a positive effect.  For more serious gut health conditions such as ulcerative colitis, long term use of probiotics can be ongoing, in some cases up to a year.

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