Liver Detox Profile

liver detox test | liver function test | Perpetual WellbeingThe process of detoxification is one of the chief roles of the liver. Conditions that may be associated with an imbalance in liver function include autism, chronic fatigue, food intolerances, headaches, multiple chemical sensitivities and rheumatoid arthritis. At Perpetual Wellbeing we offer a complete liver detox test which delivers a liver detoxification profile.

The Liver Detoxification Profile: The True Liver Function Test

The liver works to convert lipid-soluble xenobiotics into water soluble substances that can be excreted from the body. It does this via a two-step process designated phase I and phase II. When the function of the liver is sub-optimal, toxins can build-up and poison the body.

For the assessment of liver function, we use the liver detoxification profile. This test is unlike standard liver function tests which only provide a measure of hepatic damage (released hepatic enzyme levels). In contrast, the liver detoxification test offered by Perpetual Wellbeing is a true functional test.

The liver detox profile evaluates the ability of an individual to process caffeine, aspirin (salicylate) and paracetamol (acetaminophen) by assessing certain metabolites in salivary and urinary specimens. Specific measurements of the different phases of liver detoxification including phase I and phase II (glycination, glucuronidation, sulfation and glutathionation) are obtained, guiding the design of effective and specific therapeutic strategies which can optimise liver function.

Chemical Exposure

Since World War II the quantity of synthetic chemicals that have been produced and introduced into the environment has increased exponentially. In the 1930’s only 1 million tons was produced per year, in comparison to over 200 million tons today. This increase in chemical exposure has had an impact not only on the environment but on human health. Many of these substances including xenobiotics and heavy metals are known to affect the immune system, detoxification pathways and the central nervous system, as well as promote inflammation.

Conditions ranging from fatigue, cancer, dermatitis, renal disease, chemical sensitivities, autism and other mood disorders are associated with exposure. Ensuring optimal detoxification of these toxins is therefore a vital step for the prevention and treatment of these and other chemical associated disorders.

The Liver detox test is available at Perpetual Wellbeing Naturopath and Nutritionist in Brisbane CBD and Graceville.

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