Modern lifestyles and work environments have been shown to increase pressure and stress in our day-to-day lives. How stressed are you? The team at Perpetual Wellbeing can assist you with a range of Stress Hormone Tests including an adrenal fatigue test.

Lifestyle, physical and psychological stresses put constant demands on the adrenal glands. When stressed, the adrenal glands produce a hormone called Cortisol. If too much cortisol is produced over a period of time, adrenal fatigue or insufficiency may be experienced.   Symptoms include fatigue, hypotension, and lowered resistance to stress, salt cravings, hypoglycaemia and lowered immunity.

Adrenal insufficiency frequently plays a role in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic stress syndrome, anorexia and most diseases for which corticosteroids are involved in the treatment. Assessing cortisol, DHEA and other adrenal hormone levels may help to identify these patients and will assist effective therapy.


Hormone Testing Panels:




Female hormone metabolites



Advanced female hormones, adrenal hormones and metabolites

basic (blood)


Female or Male hormones

(discounts for multiple hormones)

$160 - $200

Extensive thyroid testing - including Thyroid hormones, antibodies, nutrients

(Blood / urine) 


We recommend you come in for an initial consultation for us to get a health and medication overview, prior to ordering the test for you.  So that when the results come back we can interpret them and give you personalised treatment advice. The initial consultation is 1hr, and costs $142. Follow up consultations cost between $92-$120 (30min-1hr) to interpret results and give you your personalised treatment plan.

If you are interested in any testing, or would like to book a consultation to find out what may be causing your health issues, you can make a booking online here.

If you cannot find the test you are interested in above, please contact us for further information.

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The team at Perpetual Wellbeing support the health and wellbeing of the whole family. We promote a more scientifically-based approach to natural healthcare, to help detect the root cause of health issues and treat patients for long-term good health.

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