Pathology Testing Prices

We have access to a large variety of tests and functional pathology. We have chosen to work closely with a number of laboratories around Australia and Internationally, to get the best, most accurate results for our clients at the most affordable cost.

The below prices are to give an indication only, your practitioner will chose the most appropriate testing panel for you, based on your presenting symptoms and case history.


Hormone Testing Panels:




Female hormone metabolites



Advanced female hormones, adrenal hormones and metabolites

basic (blood)


Female or Male hormones

(discounts for multiple hormones)

$160 - $200

Extensive thyroid testing - including Thyroid hormones, antibodies, nutrients

(Blood / urine) 


We recommend you come in for an initial consultation for us to get a health and medication overview, prior to ordering the test for you.  So that when the results come back we can interpret them and give you personalised treatment advice. The initial consultation is 1hr, and costs $150. Follow up consultations cost between $100-$120 (30min-1hr) to interpret results and give you your personalised treatment plan.

If you are interested in any testing, or would like to book a consultation to find out what may be causing your health issues, you can make a booking online here.

If you cannot find the test you are interested in above, please contact us for further information.

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