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Depending on a patients presenting health concerns, we may decide to do hormone tests using either blood, urine or saliva.

Some examples of hormone testing which can be requested include

Please note that in the initial consultation with us we will go through a full health assessment with you and we analyse your symptoms, this may lead to an immediately usable treatment.

If we do recommend you get some further testing done, prices will be discussed during your Naturopathy and Nutrition consultation.

Alternatively you are welcome to send us an email price inquiry if you know exactly which test you are interested in. Otherwise it would be best to book an appointment with us so that we can establish if testing is necessary, and if so, which would be the most appropriate for you.

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A hormone is a chemical which is released in a part of the body, which affects cells in another part of the body.

Saliva hormone testing has been used in research for over 50 years and is a highly sensitive technique.It has the benefit over serum testing that it detects predominantly unbound, active hormones. This has been validated in numerous studies and results have shown that salivary hormone levels highly correlate with the unbound fraction of hormones in serum and plasma.

In addition to its superiority for detecting bioavailable hormones, saliva hormone testing has many other advantages over serum testing. Unlike serum measurements that typically reflect both bound and unbound fractions of hormones, salivary samples represent only the free (unbound) bioavailable fraction of hormone. Factors that affect binding globulin such as obesity and thyroid function do not influence test results with false high or low test levels.

Saliva hormone testing also has the benefit over serum testing that it detects predominantly unbound, active hormones, which are biologically available to their receptors in target tissues. It has a convenient, painless and stress-free collection procedure that can be performed in the privacy of the home. In addition, salivary hormones are stable at room temperature and samples can be collected at any time of the day and at multiple time-points; a benefit especially important for hormones that have circadian or monthly rhythms.

We offer a very extensive range of general and functional pathology testing. The prices are to give you an indication of cost for the testing panels. Some tests may incur a blood collection fee ($20-$50), and some discounts do apply if more than one panel is ordered. Your practitioner is also able to tailor some tests specifically for you, and this may result in price changes too. Please see the test pricing page here for price indications. 

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