Consent Policy

  • I accept it is my responsibility to inform Perpetual Wellbeing of any change to the above details in the Client Profile.
  • Perpetual Wellbeing operates a naturopathic and nutritional clinic and NOT a medical practice.
  • Medicines can only be dispensed with a prescription authorised by a qualified naturopath/ nutritionist.
  • All consultation fees and medicines are paid for at the time of consultation and that no credit is provided.
  • The type of information collected will be of a personal, private and medical nature and consequently will be kept confidential by the consulting naturopath/ nutritionist and by Perpetual Wellbeing.
  • Case notes and all information collected remain the property of Perpetual Wellbeing and that I may have access to my case notes on application and a protocol for this access will be provided at this time.
  • My case notes may be reviewed by other qualified naturopaths/nutritionists employed by Perpetual Wellbeing as part of our quality assurance and continual improvement processes.
  • Some of the examination may be of a physical nature and may require me to partially disrobe and be touched as part of the examination.