Nyanda Dennison

nutrition coach and clinical nutritionist Nyanda Dennison

Clinical Nutritionist & Nutrition Coach

BHSc (NutDietMed), ANTA

Nyanda has a Bachelor Degree in Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) and prior to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach, has more than a decade of experience in coaching in other industries. Now Nyanda uses these skills to support you to make lasting changes to your overall health.

Nyanda's focus areas include Menopause, Food Intolerances, Diabetes / Insulin Resistance and Nutrition Coaching. She uses a combination of clinical investigation, functional testing and coaching support in her holistic approach to Nutritional Medicine.

When she’s not with clients – she is happiest either at the beach or in the kitchen, sharing food with her loved ones.

A Holistic approach

Holistic nutritional medicine is an approach to health care that considers the physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs of the person. It is a preventative and complementary approach, that works in conjunction with conventional medicine therapies. As a Holistic Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach, Nyanda's passion is to find and treat the cause of your symptoms and support you to change habits that are not serving you.

Nutrition Coaching

To coach someone means to give them special teaching in a particular subject and prepare them for an event. Good nutrition is all about creating healthy habits for life and changing embedded behaviours. Nyanda's experience in coaching is the perfect fit to help you make lasting changes.

What to expect

Nyanda can request and interpret functional pathology as well as provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations, educational resources, meal plans and recipes but her biggest focus is listening to you and understanding where you are and how you got here.

"Every person has the ability to heal themselves and thrive, I want to help you to do that."

Nyanda normally works with clients for more than one session and the frequency of the catch ups will depend on the situation. Lasting change takes time and support. Buying a bundle of follow up coaching check in sessions means you get more value for committing to a long term plan.

"This is a commitment to your health that I want you to take as seriously as I do."

Meal planning includes
  • food education and resources
  • working with food preferences and limitations
  • specific meal plans and recipes
Nutrition Coaching includes
  • exploring your relationship to food
  • why you eat the things you do, the way you do
  • the emotional drivers behind eating
  • what is holding you back
  • having tough conversations about your habits

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Any consultation with Nyanda can be claimed through the following health funds:

Medibank, AHM, CUA, NIB, HBF, Police Health, Mildura Health, Latrobe Health, QLD Country Health & Westfund.

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