Slow Cooker Beef

slow cooker beef stew with sweet potato mash and steamed green vegies

This slow cooker beef recipe makes this so easy, so delicious and really cost effective. You can do the same in a pressure cooker too. Serve with steamed green veges, a mash using sweet potato, potato and pumpkin or oven bakesome veges in the oven! INGREDIENTS METHOD Sauté onion in olive oil until soft.Add garlic,…

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Dairy and Gluten Free Banana & Oat Biscuits

banana and oat cookies on a tray with a glass of milk behind

Another super simple and quick dairy free recipe for banana and oat biscuits that can be adapted to be gluten free too. The kids will love helping out with this and they can add them to their lunch box to take to school. By Sophia Wulff ND, Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist Ingredients Method Preheat oven…

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Nutrient Dense Lunch Box Slices

lunch box slices with dates

As the kids head back to school these lunch box slices will go down a treat! A healthy sweet, nutrient dense bar that’s easy to make and perfect to get them through the afternoon. By Sophia Wulff ND, Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist Ingredients Method

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Potato Salad Recipe

potato salad created from a recipe by Nyanda Dennison

An easy and delicious potato salad recipe… perfect for taking along to picnics and BBQs. Use your choice of mayo, for a healthier option, see the range from GevityRX. Leave the skins on the potatoes for more nutrients & fibre. Dijon mustard or basil pesto adds extra flavour to this potato salad recipe without the…

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Food Hacks To Get More Veges In your Meals

kale slaw with slow cooked beef for a friday night food hack

If you’re looking for food hacks to get more veges in your diet, the pre-packed salad kits from the supermarket are a quick and easy option that can be incorporated into a few different meals. You can get this Kale Slaw kit from both Coles and Woolworths and as well as being a time-saver it…

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Crustless Vege Quiche Recipe

crustless vege quiche recipe results

This crustless vege quiche recipe is packed with flavour and will definitely help you on your way to your ‘five a day’! A hearty winter warmer that can be adapted to include your favourite veggies. By Nyanda Dennison, Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach INGREDIENTS METHOD Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and grease a large…

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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

vegetarian shepherd's pie from a recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious, simple winter warmer that is packed with veges, this vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie recipe will be a winner with the whole family! By Nyanda Dennison, Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach I N G R E D I E N T S M E T H O D Base: Sauté onion…

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Pesto Pasta Salad Recipe

pesto pasta salad

Veges can be tasty! I make this pesto pasta salad every year for multiple parties, bbqs and gatherings – it’s a great way to substitute the unhealthy – and in my opinion bland – pasta salad that you get from the supermarket and include more veges. I N G R E D I E N…

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