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Food Hacks To Get More Veges In your Meals

kale slaw with slow cooked beef for a friday night food hack

Food Hacks To Get More Veges In your Meals

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If you’re looking for food hacks to get more veges in your diet, the pre-packed salad kits from the supermarket are a quick and easy option that can be incorporated into a few different meals. You can get this Kale Slaw kit from both Coles and Woolworths and as well as being a time-saver it makes a a versatile base to create healthy, nutritious meals with less of the waste that you might have if you bought all the ingredients individually.

By Nyanda Dennison, Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach

kale slaw kits make an easy food hack to get more veg in your meals

A Food Hack That Can Save Time, Money & Add Nutrition

So what are the main benefits of using this salad kit?

  • It’s full of nutritious veges and very handy, especially if you ‘don’t have time’ to make a full salad.
  • While it does appear expensive at first glance you can get lots of meals out of it when you add other things. It also works out cheaper than buying all the ingredients individually, especially if you waste half of what you buy.
  • The dressing is not great so I tend to use the seeds but make my own dressing instead – olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

So what can you make with a Kale Slaw Kit?

food hacks using a supermarket kale slaw kit
  • I mix it with tomato, capsicum, cucumber and avocado for an amazing salad with my dressing above – and then you could add a protein like chicken, beef, tofu, legumes etc – or have it on the side of any meal.
  • I add some to wraps with any sort of protein
  • I use it in omelettes (or my no egg omelette variation)
  • I use the included dressing and put it on top of bread rolls with slow cooked beef for a Friday night football meal
  • I add it to stir fries or savoury mince if it gets a bit old and I need to use it up

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