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Pumpkin & Herb Frittata

pumpkin frittata recipe | Perpetual Wellbeing

If you’re looking for something really easy to make, that’s super-nutritious and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can’t go past a frittata! This Pumpkin Frittata with herbs is so delicious plus it can be eaten cold and any surplus can be frozen for later use. Ingredients: 1⁄2 kg of pumpkin 1⁄2…

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Do You Suffer From Carbohydrate Intolerance?

carbohydrate intolerance foods | Perpetual Wellbeing

We all know someone who has a very high carbohydrate diet, and yet remains slim and relatively metabolically healthy. This sits in plain contrast with others, who with the same diet are overweight, fatigued, with elevated cholesterol and other signs of metabolic syndrome. I so often hear… “IT’S NOT FAIR!!” But, there are biological reasons…

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Spinach Frittata Recipe

spinach frittata recipe

Looking for a healthy nutritious lunch or a great lunchbox filler for the kids? Try this easy and delicious spinach frittata recipe that will be a hit with the whole family! Ingredients 6 eggs Sea salt Freshly ground pepper 300g ricotta cheese 100g baby spinach 150g button mushrooms 2 fresh Roma tomatoes (or 1 larger…

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Nutrients to support an overworked stress response

woman frowning on phone | overworked stress response | Perpetual Wellbeing

Living in this day and age, stress is a normal part of modern life. You will be exposed to some sort of stress every day, whether it’s waking up to an alarm, driving the car, paying bills, working, meeting deadlines – all of these can take their toll. But do you recognise the signs and…

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What Causes Insomnia & Is There A Natural Remedy?

woman yawning in bed at night - what causes insomnia | Perpetual Wellbeing

One of the issues that we regularly consult with patients about at our clinics is difficulty sleeping, or insomnia. Whether it’s problems nodding off or not being able to stay asleep throughout the night, the result can be distressing and also lead to a multitude of other potential health issues including depressed mood, difficulty concentrating…

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How To Get Your Child To Eat Fruits And Veggies

children slicing veg | How to get your child to eat fruits and veggies | Perpetual Wellbeing

Getting children to eat their fruit and veggies can be a daily battle. Whether they’re picky or just prefer certain foods, children have quite a reputation for disliking things that are good for them! So just how do you get your child to eat fruits and veggies? Depending on their age, children need to be…

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Clinics Reopening

CLINICS REOPENING: The team at Perpetual Wellbeing would like to thank you for your ongoing support through these restrictive times.  However, we are now very excited to announce that ‘face-to-face’ consultations will be returning to both the Graceville and CBD clinics. Online ‘Zoom’ consultations will still be available as an option for follow up and…

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