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What is involved in the detox program?

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What is involved in the detox program?

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This blog follows on from our last post – “Is it time for a Spring Clean?

The latest detoxification science reveals that what we see as ‘toxicity’ is not only the total body burden of toxins, but also the state of immune reactivity, inflammation, digestive dysfunction and cellular damage, which is the foundation of so many of the chronic conditions that plague modern society.

Toxins are substances that can interfere with the normal processes of the body through interference with enzymes, blockages of cellular transport mechanisms, oxidative damage, blockage of receptor sites, mimicking of hormones or neurotransmitters and/or blockage of nutrient absorption. A major source of toxicity for most people is their digestive system.

Foods, if not digested correctly, can become fuel for the growth of dysbiotic organisms. These organisms produce toxic chemicals, and when they die, fragments of their cell membranes can be absorbed into the blood stream and trigger an inflammatory response. Also the diet itself and environmental to chemicals (pesticides, chemicals and toxic metals) all require neutralisation and detoxification. Whilst the body has several powerful detoxification and neutralisation mechanisms to protect against toxins, these defence mechanisms may become overloaded or impaired, allowing toxins to interfere with normal physiology affecting any system.

Toxic burden is your level of exposure to toxins, which may be present in foods, food additives and preservatives; as well as exposure to cigarette smoking, pollution and chemicals. Toxins can also be created internally if there is an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive tract or if you have a sluggish bowel. Detox capacity is how well your body processes and eliminates these toxins. The more toxins you are exposed to will affect how well your body copes.


This professionally tailored Detoxification Program will help you to balance both of these factors to achieve the maximum benefits. You will be given the tools and the knowledge to reduce the burden on your body, and increase the detox capacity of your body’s key organs of detoxification – the digestive tract, liver and kidneys.

Our practitioners will determine your toxic burden and detox capacity, while considering your symptoms, health history and any other influencing factors to recommend a tailored Detoxification Program, which will suit your individual needs.


The Detox Program will generally be in two stages: (Ranging from a 2 week express, 4 week integrated or 6 week specialized detox)

Stage 1 is focused on healing and regenerating your digestive tract. This is done through supplementation. It will also help to wake up, activate and strengthen the organs that will be involved in detoxifying your body. This stage will lead you on the path to feeling fabulous.

Stage 2 is tailored to your individual needs to support digestive balance. Your detox may be specialised when there are issues surrounding digestion and gut symptoms, or when your liver needs additional support or in cases of chemical or heavy metal exposure.

Diet and Lifestyle:

A detox would only be half a detox without adjusting your diet and lifestyle to reflect clean, healthy living.

Dietary guidelines might include:

  • Always choose fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, and buy organic produce when possible; avoiding packaged and processed foods.
  • Remove foods containing artificial colours, flavours, additives, stabilisers and flavour enhancers, as well as foods containing hydrogenated fats.

Rest, relaxation and exercise are all important factors to assist in detox. Looking after your mental health by relaxing and dealing with stress can increase your vitality.


Detox has become a consumer buzz word over the past few years with very few consumers understanding what detoxification is or how to detox effectively. How many of you are “detoxing” without the guidance or expertise to ensure a positive health outcome? The innovative products and protocols used in this detox program are drawn from the latest advances in scientific knowledge, traditional wisdom and decades of practical experience, to further enhance your ability to restore your health through detoxification.


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