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It’s time for a Spring Clean!


It’s time for a Spring Clean!

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It’s time for a spring clean!

Spring is a great time for a good clean up, not only of your house and garage, but also your own body. With the season changing and the end of the year fast approaching, take this time to think about how you are feeling.

• Do you feel less healthy and energetic than other people your age?

• Do you often have difficulty thinking clearly?

• Do you get sick often?

• Do you often feel tired, sluggish and flat?

• Do you have digestive disturbances (bloating, flatulence, constipation, heartburn)?

• Do you get recurrent Headaches, muscle aching, nerve pain or numbness?

• Do you have poor skin condition?

• Is your diet high in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed & packaged foods?

• Do you drink coffee and alcohol regularly?

• Have you put on a bit of weight and struggling to get it off?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be in need of a ‘spring clean’. These are the types of symptoms that indicate your body may be suffering from the burden of toxins and be in need of a good detox!


Detoxification is a process that your body undertakes every day to help eliminate toxins and restore a healthy balance. Your body is constantly exposed to toxins from the external world, as well as those created within. The human body is amazing in the way that it has evolved since prehistoric times to adjust to the ever changing world; but what happens when the toxins in our world are evolving faster than humans? This can increase the body’s toxic burden and impact on its ability to clear toxins. Do you want your body to effectively and efficiently eliminate toxins you are exposed to? Or maybe you are interested in detoxing because you want to look and feel even healthier!

Our Naturopaths and Nutritionists can recommend a safe and effective professional detoxification program to improve the way in which your body eliminates toxins and to bring you back to a state of health and vitality.


Toxic Exposure – A Reality of Modern Life

Toxin exposure is seemingly unavoidable in our modern world. Every day we are exposed to toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food additives and pollutants, which are present in the air, water and food that we consume. Toxins do not only come from our external environment; toxins can also be generated internally by ‘unfriendly’ bacteria, yeasts, and parasites in our digestive systems.

Your body has numerous mechanisms to help eliminate all these toxins, but these detoxification pathways can become overwhelmed if you produce, consume or absorb more toxins than you can easily clear.

A professional detoxification program supports toxin clearance through these pathways, leaving you feeling healthy and energetic.


Spring Clean with a Safe and Effective Detoxification Program

Detoxifying is serious business and your safety and comfort during detoxification is important. Undergoing the wrong type of detox for your individual needs may actually leave you feeling sick and tired. You should not attempt a detoxification program without the guidance and support of a trained healthcare Practitioner. The natural supplements used in this program support your body by allowing your natural detoxification and repair systems to function efficiently.

If you are interested in starting a professional detox program, call us or book your appointment online.

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