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Tackling fatigue


Tackling fatigue

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Fatigue not only applies to an individual, but to the body as a whole and to each and every cell. It is commonly understood that the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) play a primary role in energy production as the organelle responsible for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. Therefore, in cases of fatigue treatment, our priority is to create a solid nutritional foundation of specific nutrients to support optimal mitochondrial function and energy production. By beginning with supporting mitochondrial nutritional needs, we provide our patients with the fundamentals with which they can begin to renew their energy levels. In some cases, optimising mitochondrial function may be all that is required and rapid symptom relief will occur; whilst for others, prescribing the energetic essentials becomes the first step along the path to recovery as we tackle the underlying drivers that we have identified as contributing to their fatigue.


Common drivers of fatigue / mitochondrial dysfunction include:

  • Stress – adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, depression
  • Metabolic imbalances – insulin resistance, obesity, low thyroid, low testosterone
  • Toxicity – pesticides, heavy metals, medications, gastrointestinal dysbiosis
  • Poor nutrition – low protein, high refined carbohydrate diet, acidic diet, nutrient deficiencies, malabsorption
  • Inflammation – food allergy, chronic disease, leaky gut
  • Infection – Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, viral infections


During a consultation we will identify the potential drivers of fatigue in your case, and may use functional pathology testing to further understand your biochemical imbalance. We then use nutritional and herbal medicine as an effective fatigue treatment option to correct and resolve this identified imbalance.

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