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Feeling under the weather?


Feeling under the weather?

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There are many Natural Medicines that are beneficial in preventing, treating and shortening the duration of colds and flus. These agents can boost your immune system as well as provide the necessary tools to help you fight against infection.

For our current patients…  No need for an appointment if you have been in to see us in the past 6 months, and if your medical history has not changed – simply send us an email and we will get a pack ready for you to collect.

IMMUNE BOOSTING PACK – Give your body a fighting chance against the common cold or flu this winter with this supplement pack.

FLU BUSTING PACK – If you do find yourself sniffling, coughing and sneezing, let’s help reduce the severity of your symptoms and get you back on your feet sooner with this supplement pack.

The immune boosters in your pack include:

NK CELL REGULATION – is an immune enhancing formulation designed to help reduce the severity and duration of upper respiratory tract infections and influenza. Andrographis, Picrorhiza and elderberry are herbs long used for their immunostimulant properties, and there is scientific data that supports their applications for reducing the symptoms and duration of colds and flu, and for general immune support.

HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY ZINC WITH VITAMIN C – Meta Zn® For Greater Absorption. With its enhanced cellular uptake, it increases the availability of zinc to your body. Meta Zn® is less likely to interact with other minerals, including copper, calcium and iron. The more zinc your body can absorb, the greater benefits it will deliver in improving your health and immune function.

Additional supplement included in the Flu Busting Pack…

CORDYCEPS, CORIOLUS AND REISHI FOR IMMUNE STIMULATION- is a combination of four of the most widely studied and clinically proven medicinal mushrooms. Individually, each species of mushroom in this formula has demonstrated remarkable potency in the field of immune enhancement, especially in the resolution of chronic, latent and/or recurring infectious conditions.

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