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Energy Booster Package

Energy Booster Package

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how to boost your energy | nutritionist brisbane | Perpetual WellbeingFatigue not only applies to an individual, but to the body as a whole and to each and every cell. It is commonly understood that the mitochondria play a primary role in energy production as the organelle responsible for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. Therefore, in cases of fatigue, the treatment priority should first be to create a solid nutritional foundation of specific nutrients to support optimal mitochondrial function and ATP production. So, we have created a package to help you support your mitochondria!

Whats included:

1x 1hour Initial consultation where we will go through a full health assessment to uncover any underlying factors which may be contributing to your fatigue (in some cases some testing may be recommended, costs of the tests are not included in the consultation)

A months supply of Maximum Strength Coenzyme Q10 With Exclusive VESIsorb® Technology For Enhanced Absorption

2 weeks supply of a Nutritonal supplement which provides the foundation to optimum mitochondrial function.

A months supply of a herbal supplement to Support Cellular Energy And Mitochondrial Function

For $250 you get all of the above, plus private health rebates apply if you have extras cover.

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