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Do You Suffer From Carbohydrate Intolerance?

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Do You Suffer From Carbohydrate Intolerance?

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We all know someone who has a very high carbohydrate diet, and yet remains slim and relatively metabolically healthy. This sits in plain contrast with others, who with the same diet are overweight, fatigued, with elevated cholesterol and other signs of metabolic syndrome. I so often hear… “IT’S NOT FAIR!!” But, there are biological reasons for the difference, as well as treatment options to improve an individual’s metabolic capacity. So how do you know if you are suffering carbohydrate intolerance and what can you do about it?

The level of carbohydrate which any individual can ‘tolerate’ before they begin to show signs of metabolic disturbance can be seen as their carbohydrate tolerance. All individuals sit on a spectrum in this regard.

Carbohydrate consumption is of itself, not detrimental to health – it is carbohydrate intake beyond the metabolic capacity which causes problems – or in other words, the dose that makes the poison. When an individual chronically consumes carbohydrates and calories at levels beyond their individual tolerance, this can lead to metabolic disease.

Signs that one is exceeding their carbohydrate tolerance include:

• Gaining weight easily

• Difficulty burning fat

• Carbohydrate craving

• Fatigue/sleepiness after carbohydrate meal

• Fatigue, especially during exercise

• Elevated fasting glucose, insulin

• Elevated waist circumference

• Elevated Cholesterol

• High Blood Pressure

• Skin tags

• Adult acne

Some drivers of Carbohydrate Intolerance include:  

Mitochondrial dysfunction

• Insulin resistance

• Low muscle mass

• Endothelial dysfunction

• Inflammation and toxicity

Do you have a good metabolic capacity to tolerate Carbohydrates?

Some drivers which may improve carbohydrate tolerance include

• Healthy Cellular fitness, insulin sensitivity and endothelial health

• Exercise

• Cinnamon and Chromium

• Gut health and excellent detoxification capacity


The good news is that carbohydrate tolerance can be modified. If you or any family members think you may be struggling with this or any other food intolerances, make an appointment with one of the degree-qualified practitioners at Perpetual Wellbeing.

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