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Thank you Caryn, you changed my life!

Thank you Caryn, you changed my life!

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Helping patients achieve their health goals is so rewarding! Well Done Mary-anne and thank you for the lovely review!

‘My name is Mary-anne and I was referred from a friend to see Caryn at Perpetual Wellbeing as I had tried everything to loose weight, including seeing medical experts. As with a lot of women who had reached menopause my weight was climbing steadily. I did not eat much and couldn’t understand this. As I am very short, every extra kilo really showed. I had put on 10 kilos in a couple of years.
I am a walker and even walk up to 7km a day, but this made no difference.
Caryn, not only looked at what I was eating, but my sleeping patterns and stresses in my life and how this was effecting my metabolism. She explained about sugar and carbohydrates and the importance of protein.
Consequently I completely changed my eating regime and now eat much more than I did before.
I lost just under 9 kilos in 4 months. Most importantly, I now understand why I was gaining weight and it wasn’t the amount of food I was eating or calories, it was all about my metabolism and getting it moving again. I would recommend Caryn and Perpetual Wellbeing to anyone who is struggling with unexplained weight gain. Thank you Caryn, you changed my life.’

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