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The Magic Of Ginger For Period Pain

root ginger on a woven table | ginger for period pain

The Magic Of Ginger For Period Pain

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Did you know that ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties? Period pain is driven by inflammatory mediators and thankfully ginger is a safe and effective antidote to painful periods. Recent research has confirmed that ginger is as effective as Ponstan on relieving period pain AND has the added benefit of having no adverse effects associated with NSAID’s as indicated by fewer gastrointestinal side effects and renal risks.

So if you get achy and crampy around your periods have you considered Ginger? Increase your ginger intake in juices, stir fries, soups and curries – why not chuck it into whatever you are cooking!

As it does have a blood-thinning action caution must be taken for those on blood thinners.

If you are struggling with painful periods or think you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance, make an appointment with one of the professionally-qualified team at Perpetual Wellbeing to investigate the natural treatments that may help you.

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