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What To Expect From Our Naturopathic Clinic

What To Expect From Our Naturopathic Clinic

Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine is a blend of natural therapies tested over time and supported by the best available scientific evidence. It does not just address symptoms or try to suppress them, but looks for the cause in order to resolve the imbalance. Sometimes this may mean relying on supplementation and herbal medicine for treatment, but we strive to use natural options that are the least invasive as the primary option. So what can you expect from our naturopathic clinic?

We provide face to face Naturopathy and Nutrition consultations in Brisbane CBD and Graceville. We undertake an analysis of symptoms, undertake research where needed and utilise testing where necessary.

On making your initial consultation appointment, you will be sent a link to access a client profile and comprehensive health assessment questionnaire which will also cover your medical history, current supplements and medications, presenting health complaints etc. Please complete this online, or bring it with you to your consultation.

The initial consultation includes a dietary analysis and a full health assessment.

The initial consultation may also include some of the following diagnositic tests:

  • Bio-Impedance Analysis – measuring fat percentage, muscle mass etc.
  • Blood Pressure
  • Computerised Nutrient assessment
  • Healthy Ageing assessment
  • Stress and Mood questionnaire
  • Iridology
  • Tongue and Nail analysis
  • Functional and general pathology testing – see testing page for more information.

Treatment options include nutritional or herbal supplements, dietary planning, lifestyle advice etc – it is a comprehensive initial consultation and will take approximately 1 hour.

When necessary, our practitioners will work closely with other allied health professionals, GP’s and specialists to help achieve the best possible treatment plan and outcome for you!

“Everything is connected. To only look at the specific body part that feels unwell misses a large amount of information. For example, if you are experiencing bloating or digestive discomfort, we are not only interested in your digestive health; we also look at your stress levels, diet, intolerances, immune system, hormones, sleep, and physical fitness, because all of these can profoundly affect your digestion. We will look at how your systems are functioning, how they are interrelated and what body biochemistry needs attention in order to optimise your health.”

We offer Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine consultations

at 2 convenient locations, Brisbane CBD and Graceville