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Antibiotics aggravate gut microbiota

Antibiotics aggravate gut microbiota

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Recent research has concluded that development of antibiotic-resistance within the human body can be contributed to by even one single treatment of antibiotic use. The results of clinical research on healthy individuals has shown that using antibiotics negatively alters gut microbiota communities. After just one treatment of antibiotics, there were considerable shifts in gut ecology and enrichment in antibiotic resistance in their faeces.

Whilst the detrimental effects of some antibiotics can be aggravating and prolonged on the gut microbiome, there was very little ecological consequence on salivary microbiota composition. It is believed that a single use of antibiotic treatment may impair short-chain fatty acid production in the gut, with subsequent detrimental impacts on the health associated butyrate-producing microbial community.

Hence we, at Perpetual Wellbeing, always recommend an excellent quality probiotic to restore balance, especially after a course of antibiotics.

The probiotic we recommend is formulated for all ages (including infants) and sets a new industry benchmark for incorporating the most scientifically documented strains within a 9-strain 30 billion CFU probiotic formula. This probiotic is formulated using novel strains in scientifically-informed dosages to support the health and function of the gastrointestinal and immune system across the entire lifespan.

This probiotic is only available through Qualified Naturopaths and Nutritionist.

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