Pumpkin & Herb Frittata

pumpkin frittata recipe | Perpetual Wellbeing

If you’re looking for something really easy to make, that’s super-nutritious and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can’t go past a frittata! This Pumpkin Frittata with herbs is so delicious plus it can be eaten cold and any surplus can be frozen for later use. Ingredients: 1⁄2 kg of pumpkin 1⁄2…

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Spinach Frittata Recipe

spinach frittata recipe

Looking for a healthy nutritious lunch or a great lunchbox filler for the kids? Try this easy and delicious spinach frittata recipe that will be a hit with the whole family! Ingredients 6 eggs Sea salt Freshly ground pepper 300g ricotta cheese 100g baby spinach 150g button mushrooms 2 fresh Roma tomatoes (or 1 larger…

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Warming up for Winter: Boost Your Immune System

woman resting with scarf and mug | boost your immune system | Perpetual Wellbeing

Whether you’re comfortable in the cold or wished summer would never end, winter has undeniably returned for another year. As temperatures lower, so too can your immune system’s capacity to fight off the bugs that cause colds and flu’s. So just how do you boost your immune system to avoid all the bugs going round…

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What Is The Relationship Between Food and Mood?

woman eating pizza on sofa, the relationship between food and mood | Perpetual Wellbeing

Author: Caren Wigmore ND Our body is wonderful at telling us what is wrong but sometimes we might not be as good at reading the signs. Sometimes we don’t make the connection between food and mood. Do you know what might be the driver behind these common symptoms: anxiety, for no apparent reason irritable / angry…

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What Are The Effects Of Unhealthy Eating On Kids Academic Performance?

Student in exam | Effects of Unhealthy Eating on Academic Performance | Brisbane Nutritionist | Perpetual Wellbeing

Many parents worry about the impact of their children not getting enough of the right foods in their diet and an Australian study has confirmed a long-held theory that eating foods with low nutritional value results in poor academic performance particularly in numeracy, reading and language (spelling, grammar and punctuation). So what are the effects…

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What Are The Signs Of Iron Deficiency?

Tired man | Signs Of Iron Deficiency | Brisbane Nutritionist

Are you feeling exhausted and rundown? Are you finding it hard to fight off infections like colds? You may not be getting enough iron for your needs. Iron is an essential mineral that has a number of jobs in the body, including making healthy red blood cells. These deliver oxygen to all of your other…

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