Carine Pieterse ND

Carine Pieterse | Naturopath and Nutritionist Brisbane CBD | Perpetual WellbeingNaturopath and Clinical Nutritionist Brisbane CBD (MTech, Adv Dip (Nat, Nut), ATMS)

The concept of natural medicine has always resonated with Carine from a very young age. This led her to complete her Master’s Degree in Health Science, majoring in Homeopathy, and then furthering her studies to obtain Advanced Diploma’s in both Naturopathy and Nutrition, qualifications in Iridology (NDip Irid, Germany), Compounding and Dispensing and Integrative Medicine (South African Integrated Medicine Fellowship).

After graduating from a 6 year Master’s Degree in Health Science, Carine’s 15 years of clinical practice began. She started a small practice in South Africa, which gradually built up over 12 years to become a successful business with more than 2000 patient files. During this time, Carine practiced as a primary care physician helping her to gain valuable insight and experience with a range of diseases and from common ailments to more complicated multi-faceted conditions, often leading to collaboration and/or referrals to specialist physicians. Since moving to Australia, Carine has continued to practice as a professional, highly experienced Naturopath and Nutritional Medicine practitioner helping hundreds of patients achieve better health, naturally.

Carine is experienced in doing further investigations using both General pathology (blood tests) and Functional pathology such as saliva hormone tests, urinary organic acid tests, amino acid tests, pfeiffer protocol, comprehensive digestive stool analysis.

Although Carine is a ‘General Practice’ Naturopath and Nutritionist, she has a special interest in the following conditions:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Gastro-intestinal conditions (intestinal permeability, dysbiosis, allergies)
  • Chronic fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Fertility – pre-conception healthcare
  • Common ailments during pregnancy
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Common symptoms caused by menopause and providing assistance by looking after the hormonal levels and possible nutrient deficiencies associated.
  • Acute ailments – sinusitis, cold and flu, viral infections

Carine maintains continuing professional development by attending regular seminars and conferences throughout each year. She also dedicates numerous hours each week to new research.

Carine is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), and is registered with all Australian private health funds, and has HICAPS facilities for private health rebates.

If you’re looking for an expert naturopath and nutritionist Brisbane CBD, make an appointment to see Carine today.